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Artificial Sunflower Decor Potted Plant

Artificial Sunflower Decor Potted Plant

SKU: 10100
  • Realistic Look: Artificial sunflower has a large sunflower head, a medium sunflower head, 4 small daisies, and a variety of rich white seeds and green leaves.
  • Size: The diameter of the flowerpot is 2.95 inches, and the height is 3.15 inches.The overall height of the pot (from the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot) is 8.3 inches.
  • Material: Artificial sunflower is made of high quality silk with high-quality pulp and its stem is made of plastic. They're always brightly colored, and you don't need to put the effort into watering and fertilizing them.
  • Use: The fake sunflower pot is also suitable for wedding decoration, table arrangement, elegant home decoration or just for outdoor decoration.
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