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Empowering Self Care Questions - 52 Stress Relief Cards for Meditation, Mindfuln

Empowering Self Care Questions - 52 Stress Relief Cards for Meditation, Mindfuln

SKU: 10030
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED?: The deck includes 52 beautifully designed self care empowerment questions. The cards come packaged in a beautiful box that makes it a perfect gift to empower women. Taking care of your mental health just got a whole lot easier with these empowering cards. They're recommended by therapists and counselors for stress and anxiety relief. Great for mindfulness, meditation, anxiety relief, stress management, self care, relaxation & more.
  • EMPOWER YOURSELF: These cards were made with the help of a therapist & counselor who specialize in mindfulness and meditation. The empowering questions are proven to help you daily with: coping skills, depression, mental health, leadership, gratitude, mindfulness practices, sobriety, appreciation & much more. Woosah and empower yourself to becoming your best self.
  • HELPS YOU BECOME MORE CONFIDENT: Stress from everyday life can get overwhelming and increase your anxiety and depression. Each question will help you discover all the answers to help you worry less and focus on what really matters. Examine yourself, find out who you truly are, manifest your dreams / goal and regain your confidence.
  • WHO'S IT FOR: They were designed for men, women, adults, teens, & kids of all ages. These empowering question cards are great for journaling, writing or any other empowering process. This set of cards will help you with stress, anxiety, depression, improves your mood and much more.
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTS: It's a great gift for female empowerment, yoga lover, self love, alcoholics, sober gifts or for stress relief. The everyday questions make it easy to understand your true self.


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