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Letters and Numbers Tracing Book for Kids

Letters and Numbers Tracing Book for Kids

SKU: 10061

Pre-reading and pre-writing exercises, letters and numbers to trace, ..., to color.
The perfect book to boost your child's cognitive functions:

☝️ Develop visual perception
☝️ Develop memory and attention
☝️ Develop Motor Control
☝️ Stimulate logical and associative skills
☝️ Train your writing and calculation skills
☝️ Stimulate imagination and creativity
☝️ Have more confidence in yourself and your abilities

A simple book but with many activities including:

💎 Trace lines, shapes and designs
💎 Trace the letters of the alphabet
💎 Tracing the numbers from 1 to 9
💎 Trace words
💎 "Color by number" BONUS

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