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Little Chubby One Sensory Textured Squares

Little Chubby One Sensory Textured Squares

SKU: 10117

About this item

  • 20-Piece Set: Little Chubby One’s Sensory Textured Squares includes 10 pairs of pillows and patches, boasting bold colors and various textures to help children develop tactile discrimination skills.
  • Developmental Skills: A relaxing and calming activity for kids, these textured squares encourage children to engage in hands-on, tactile play, helping them to develop social and emotional interactions.
  • Textured Squares: Is the material scratchy, slippery, silky or soft? With multiple, textured surfaces, children can enjoy a variety of hands-on activities including matching, descriptors, communication and tactile discrimination.
  • Perfect Size: Each item measures 2” x 3” in size, making these textured squares perfect for little hands. Young learners can develop tactile awareness, vocabulary and communication skills as they interact with each one.
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and portable, the Sensory Textured Squares come with a convenient drawstring bag to store all 20 textured squares. Keep children engaged at home, in the car and when you’re away.
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