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Parenting Topics
Cognitive Development for Different Ages
Developing Positive Communication with school staff
Parenting Styles
Understanding children’s learning styles
Open discussion about how daily stress affects the children
Creating effective communication strategies
Making important decisions
When a family member is no longer present
Mental Health
Understanding and dealing with behavioral challenges
Improving your relationship with your child
How to talk about sensitive topics?
Does my child need special needs services?
Understanding what an IEP means?
The role of the Child Study Team and related services
What happens to my child’s special needs services when he transitions to high school?
How to support your children as they graduate to a higher grade?
Covid-19 challenges
Understanding technology
What is my child learning in school?
How can I help my child in school when my education is limited?
Nutrition affects a child’s overall development
Can we talk??? Open Discussion
I have no food to feed my family. Where can I go?

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